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In addition to the car racing sector, Nannini Racing has always dedicated its attention to car care for “everyday drivers”.

Revisions and services

Nannini racing carries out check and inspections on car of all brands and types. Contact us to book your service!


There is the “Monti” Law and EU regulations for the protection of consumers and the people have ever higher expectations and knowledge thanks to the media and IT systems such as the internet have created the need for transformation: the car repairer today must be able to offer not only a repair service but also to guarantee the quality of the manufacture and to be able to help and advise customers in order to prevent problems and, to do all this not only experience and equipment are needed but also management documentation that allows you to always have the work performed on a car previously under control and to know any recall campaigns of the parent company and everything related to the cases of recurring anomalies.
Only by giving our customers these services in our opinion is it possible to remain competitive with the workshops of car manufacturers.
The direct relationship between mechanic and customers (which hardly occurs in the workshops of car manufacturers where there is an acceptor who only completes the acceptance form and in which the customer never sees neither the workshop nor those who work there) that creates a strong loyalty of the second and the continuous increase and improvement of the services offered are the foundations on which our work rests.


In the activity of car repairers, we also carry out modifications to the structure of the cars; we always and only use products approved and in compliance with traffic regulations.
We offer various types of springs and shock absorbers that can satisfy most requests from those who only want a lowering of the car while maintaining the original shock absorbers to those who want a lowered car, sports shock absorbers and the possibility of going to adjust the response of the shock absorbers from the inside the car.


Electronic injection now manages all petrol and diesel systems, more and more restrictive regulatory pollution requires an ever greater increase in the details, an electronic management that serves precisely to lower the level of CO2 and particulate emissions.
In this new context, reprogramming the control unit to improve performance becomes very delicate as it must maintain unchanged the values ​​of polluting emissions (in order to meet the tests of ministerial reviews) and constantly improve the torque and engine power. For these reasons, a remapping done not in a workmanlike manner can cause serious damage to the mechanical parts of the engine and to the particulate filters / catalysts, for this reason ensuring a reliance on these operations alone with the interventions and technical specifications and tested!
Remapping takes place completely via cable, you do not put any more hands to the control units, this avoids future problems to the engine control unit advanced from the modification intervention; in addition, each of our modifications is supplied with the available power and torque data and a diskette with the original program that can be re-inserted at any time.
We are at your disposal for information and quotes.


The exhaust systems are basic for a good engine operation and today there are more or less sporting systems which, maintaining the homologation characteristics, allow a better engine operation and consequently a better performance. A service that we offer to our customers is precisely that of replace the original exhaust system with one optimized by the SUPERSPRINT company which is a leader in Italy in the sports exhaust system sector.


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